All i need today is a little bit of camping and a whole lot of Jesus shirt

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Every situation is different, so the context of being called a Game of Thrones the Dawgs are coming shirt is somewhat important as it could be a flirt or a pejorative. Very wide spectrum of possibilities. In terms of being friend-zoned I’ve found out that this is largely a place we put ourselves. Often it’s a consequence of not being clear and confident in our intentions. If you ask out a girl insecurely you’re likely to get a soft rejection, because insecurity isn’t really attractive. If a car salesman doesn’t seem to sure about the quality of the whip you’re looking at, you’ll probably not buy it. In life, you’re always selling something and in dating you’re selling yourself. Confidence is the key to selling anything. This is why “nice guys finish last” (which whole books and such have tackled, so I’ll leave that phrase be for now).